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  • How to make a Zaino account.

    Making a Zaino account is rather simple. On top of the website there's a "Register" button. By clicking on it, you can fill in all data that is needed to make a Zaino account.

    All obligatory fields are marked by an asterisk. You can also fill in extra data, such as your address, telephone number or the birthdays of your children. You can read above why we want to know these.

    We advise you to fill in your address and phone details immediately. This way you don't have to do it when you place an order anymore.

    If you place an order at Zaino, you will also be registered automatically.

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  • What are the advantages of a Zaino account?

    When you make an account at Zaino, you only have to fill in all of your details once. The next time you place an order, your name and address will be filled in automatically, which save you time and effort.

    In your account you can follow the status of your orders, take a look at your previous orders, print invoices, change or complete your data.

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